Michael Glasspool has always carved, but since taking early retirement from a career in medicine he has been able to work full-time on his sculpture. He is a self-taught sculptor and painter and as such is not bound by the constraints of a formal art education.

Ideas for his work come from his worldwide travels, his interest in nature and from the art of ancient civilisations.

He models in wax, clay or plaster producing a detailed representation of the subject. On the basis that “less is more” the model is then pared back until only the essence remains. Some distortion away from reality may occur in order to achieve the right balance between line and form.

Most of his indoor pieces are smaller than 12 inches (30cm) tall to fit on the average shelf. They are cast in bronze, bronze resin or Jesmonite – a water based resin – with added marble, slate, bronze, iron or pigment dyes. This material when set is very hard and can be filed and polished. For outside he casts in bronze or bronze resin.

He has been a finalist in the David Shepherd Foundation International Wildlife competition in 2014 and 2015 with the sculptures shown at the Mall Gallery.

He is a member and exhibits with the Surrey Sculpture Society, the East Surrey Sculptors Group and takes part each June in the South East Open Studios as well as other local exhibitions. He now has work in private collections in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Visitors are welcome to see his studio and gallery in Kent by appointment

Email  glasspool@tiscali.co.uk

Tel 01959 533265